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May 2014 Update

HI! It's just 5 weeks till the 50th strip! And things are going strong, over here, in my bedroom (where I draw the strips now, cause drawing comic strips in bedrooms is cool). Anyway, nothing much to add for this month, except for the fact "Idiocy and Lunacy" has it's own Facebook page, WHAT?

Insane, right? Just check it out. Like it, tell peeps. Because I'm trying to transition to continuing other creative projects under the 'Kid W25' name, I don't want to completely overwhelm the "Kid W25 Fiction" page with "Idiocy and Lunacy" things. That's where the "Idiocy and Lunacy" page will come in after the 50th.

As always, hope you guys have been enjoying "Idiocy and Lunacy", and I hope that I've managed to make those terrible Monday mornings a little bit less terrible with my comic strips.

Thanks for reading,


posted by Kid W25 @ May 26th, 2014, 10:05 am   0 Comments