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» News Archives - September Update 2014 (Abridged Version)

September Update 2014 (Abridged Version)

Because I had just spent 20 minutes writing a proper, thick Monthly Update post, only to have it disappear into oblivion because something happened to my internet, so much so that I could not go back to the page, here is the abridged version of what I originally typed before I forget.

~ Fonts are a mess. Experimenting. Font inconsistencies should die down soon. Hopefully.

~ No more four-panel strips. Three-panel strips look cleaner. Harder to write.

~ "Me" has appeared a lot more than before in recent strips. Trying to use that character and fourth-wall jokes less.

~ Found a book with drafts of jokes that was for a previous version of "A Little Bit of Idiocy and Lunacy". Jokes that has never seen the light of Internet will be modified and posted on here. No more hassles of trying to think up a joke for a while.

Thanks for reading. Hope that my tiny strip of weirdness continues to brighten up your Mondays. Hope you guys have a great life!

Kid W25

posted by Kid W25 @ September 22nd, 2014, 6:07 am   0 Comments